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    xpiinkaces application



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    xpiinkaces application

    Post  xpiinkaces on Sat Jun 01, 2013 4:39 pm

    Hello I'm Hannah! Im 13 years old and i live in England, Kent.
    I think i should be staff becauseeeeeeee-
    1.) I always make people laugh- all my friends laugh when i say something funny. And i cheer people up all the
    2.) Im a really good builder- I have a TON of creative ideas and things to build, including things to attract people
    to this server...
    3.) Im a girl- I think that there should be more girls hired because you should have a balance.

    I have had experience before- i work on a server thats not open much called BlazingCraft.
    I have met SkyDoesMinecraft on that server a few weeks ago which was pretty cool Smile
    This server remains my top, and i hope it will always be! Smile

    Skype name- ariana.retros7

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